Blood on Satan's Claw


Feature film directed by

Piers Hagard

The film opens in 17th century England with Ralph Gower (Barry Andrews) uncovering a deformed skull with one eye and strange fur upon it while ploughing a field. The local judge, Patrick Wymark, is asked to look at it, but the skull has vanished, and the judge disregards Ralph's supernatural fears. However, later many people in the village become affected by this supernatural power, including a young woman who sprouts a claw and children who behave oddly after finding a strange claw and start to grow patches of fur on parts of their bodies.

The farmer who first found the skull rides to a neighbouring town to find the local judge and bring him back to try and eradicate the evil. The judge does come back after having done some research in a book about witchcraft. After getting some information about a future cult gathering of the evil children in the village, the judge takes some men to the spot, and they kill the satanic beast, whose remains had been dug up by the farmer at the start of the film, and who is responsible for the evil infecting the populace.

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